Prosser School District Strategic Planning 2023

What is a strategic plan?  Strategic planning is the process of setting goals and creating a blueprint for our district’s work over the next 4-5 years.

Who is involved?  A group of about 100 members, including parents, students, community members and district staff members.



Goal Setting and establishment of measures to achieve goals

April/Early May

Small groups meet to establish steps/activities to achieve established goals


Full plan available for review

Late May

Final plan to the School Board

District Goals:

Goal 1: Every PK-12 student will experience high-quality standards-based instruction with equitable access to learning opportunities.


Increase percentage of kindergarten readiness.

Increase enrichment opportunities K-12.

Increase consistency across grade levels by aligning curriculum and assessments to Pk-12 standards.

Increase professional development for all staff to ensure high levels of learning for all students.

Goal 2: Foster a culture that makes students, parents, staff and community feel safe, valued, connected and respected.


Ensure students have inclusive learning environments that are safe, innovative, equitable, flexible, and accessible for diverse learners.

Ensure all students are safe, supported, and cared for by providing equitable access to social, emotional, physical, and mental health support.

Embrace students, families, staff, and community from diverse backgrounds as essential partners in education, school planning, and district decision-making.

Ensure transparent, 2-way communication that engages and works towards providing a high-quality education for all students.

Student Success
Goal 3: Every student graduates from high school with habits and experiences for post-secondary success.


Establish a supportive and inclusive culture that promotes community.

Expand systems of support for all students.

Improve communication and connections with all stakeholders.

Evaluate and prioritize staff needs to support student success.

Goal 4: Data-informed, needs-based resource allocation to support student growth and achievement.


Provide adequate funding for high quality and equitable instruction.

Provide funding for a dynamic master facilities plan.

Implement resource allocation cycles to utilize resources effectively and be fiscally responsible.

Provide resources to develop and retain highly effective and caring teachers, leaders, and staff.

Provide funding to develop the whole child.