Special Services

Prosser School District has received many questions regarding implications for students with disabilities including compliance in relation to Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and evaluations during the closure.  During the school closure, all IEP, evaluation and other special education and 504 timeline and compliance meetings and activities are suspended. 
The District has been in communication with the Office of Special Education at OSPI regarding these requirements. At this point in time the guidance is two-fold: 1) extensions may be filed for all IEP and evaluations, with completion being required no later than 30 days after the restart of school 2) IEP and evaluation (if testing completing prior to school closure) meetings may be held as possible through phone meetings. 
We know it is important for families of students with disabilities to have proactive and ongoing communication with the district to ensure that questions and concerns can be shared and addressed. Please email questions and concerns to: syndi.duehn@prosserschools.org .  The Special Services Director will receive and respond to those emails.
We will be creating a list of educational resources for students with disabilities and posting them to the District Webpage. These resources are designed to help support continued student learning. We will also be including several resources for parents.

Prosser School District Special Services Department
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