Special Services Office

Prosser School District Special Services Department
1203 Prosser Ave
Prosser, WA  99350
Fax 509-786-9672

Dr. Syndi Duehn, Director of Special Service (ext. 2809)
Stacy Gray, Administrative Assistant (ext. 2807)
Tayann Waddoups, Special Services Office Secretary (ext. 2808)
Jesus Silva, Psychologist & SLP Assistant, Special Services Translator (ext. 2816)

Cindy Lane, Occupational Therapist (ext. 2814)
Brianna Hill, Occupational Therapist
Stephanie Ingvalson, Physical Therapist (ext. 2413)

Michelle Lowry, Speech Language Pathologist - PHS, HMS, Whitstran Elementary
Sara Stolle, Speech Language Pathologist - Prosser Heights Elementary
Cameron Holt, Speech Language Pathologist - Keene Riverview Elementary, Developmental PreSchool

Teresa Kollmar, Developmental Preschool Teacher (ext. 2185)

Child Find Notice

  • Are you worried about your child’s development?

  • Does your child have difficulty communicating with people outside the family?

  • Does your child have difficulty keeping up with other children their age?

  • Does your child have concerning behaviors?

  • Does your child have a medical disorder or birth defect that interferes with their development?

  • Does the child seem to have hearing or vision issues?

Prosser School District can help! Any child, birth to five, whose family has concerns about their child’s development and lives within the Prosser School District Boundaries can contact our office, 509-786-1820, to receive a free Child Find Screening.

Notice of Special Education and Procedural Safeguards