District Facts

118 Years

In 2023 Prosser graduated its 118th graduating class

2450 Students

We have 2450 Students enrolled K-12 between 5 buildings

170 Teachers

170 Classroom teachers (2023-2024 SY)

13.6 Years

The Average years of Teaching Experience is 13.6 (2023-2024 SY)

staff in the Spotlight

Lorelle Aarstad
As the Instructional Coach at Whitstran, Lorelle goes above and beyond for the staff. From getting new teachers off to a good start to working with veteran teachers to guide them in fine-tuning their craft, to checking in with students on their progress, Lorelle is the one!
Lorelle Aarstad - Nominated Anonymously
Paola Ixta
Paola has went above and beyond this year for her students. She takes the time to build relationships with each one of them. She has also done a great job on meeting students academic needs. Paola is such an important part of the Whitstran family...
Paola Ixta - Nominated by Jessica Perez
Patrick McCullough
Pat is always going above and beyond for our kiddos and staff. He keeps staff updated on important information, and shows our kiddos the fun spirited side of him. He is constantly on the run and always there to lend a helping hand. Thank you for keeping your KRV family safe!
Patrick McCullough - Nominated by Cheriese Rhode
Jalisa Pedroza and Marcy Mercer
Jalisa and Marcy are amazing team members in the Curriculum Office. Without their work, I could not do my job. Both ladies have taken on new responsibilities to help support the work in the district and make it a better place for our staff, students, and families.
Jalisa Pedroza & Marcy Mercer - Nominated by Deanna Flores