District Facts

118 Years

In 2023 Prosser graduated its 118th graduating class

2450 Students

We have 2450 Students enrolled K-12 between 5 buildings

170 Teachers

170 Classroom teachers (2023-2024 SY)

13.6 Years

The Average years of Teaching Experience is 13.6 (2023-2024 SY)

staff in the Spotlight

Teresa Kollmar
Teresa is a great teacher! Her passion for teaching and caring for her students' educations truly shows at the developmental preschool. Also, Teresa is a terrific team player! She is able to work successfully with students who have a variety of different needs.
Teresa Kollmar Nominated by Cameron Holt
Linda Ruvalcaba
Mrs. Ruvalcalva is passionate and welcoming to all students at KRV. She shows up prepared and always advocates for her students. She is always willing to learn something new. Thank you Mrs. Ruvalcalva for all that you do for our students!
Linda Ruvalcaba Nominated by Cassandra Rodriguez
Joann Schnellbach
Joann is wonderful with her students and staff. She is also doing great as a PLC leader.
Joann Schnellbach Nominated by Terri Beale & Julia Johnston
Angela Skeen
Mrs. Skeen always goes the extra mile when looking out for the welfare of her students. When students encounter problems either inside or outside the school that affect their lives, Mrs. Skeen reaches out to all of their teachers to come together and take action.
Angela Skeen Nominated by Nirmal Joshi