District Facts

118 Years

In 2023 Prosser graduated its 118th graduating class

2450 Students

We have 2450 Students enrolled K-12 between 5 buildings

170 Teachers

170 Classroom teachers (2023-2024 SY)

13.6 Years

The Average years of Teaching Experience is 13.6 (2023-2024 SY)

staff in the Spotlight

Susana Flores
Susana is dedicated, patient, and sweet, she creates a warm and welcoming environment for all. Her love and care for the kids shine through, making her an invaluable part of KRV.
Susana Arias Flores Nominated by Karissa Garza
Tina Brito
Mrs. Brito is an awesome para educator who goes above and beyond for the students at KRV. She is extremely hardworking and cares about every student she works with. Thank you Mrs. Brito for working passionately and diligently with our students!!!
Tina Brito Nominated by Cassandra Rodriguez
Jessica Cardenas
Jessica is such an important part of Whitstran she always goes above for her students. She is always willing to help other teachers and step in when needed. She is a reflective teacher, and always willing to learn more and take on new challenges.
Jessica Cardenas Nominated by Jessica Perez
Dina Gonzalez
I nominate Dina Diaz Gonzalez, KRV health room assistant. Her invaluable support during my transition to this district and dedication to student safety is commendable. Thank you, Dina, for your outstanding commitment.
Dina Diaz Gonzalez Nominated by Danielle Palacios RN
Heather Hultberg
Heather is always wearing a smile, she creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for everyone. With her unwavering dedication and a heart full of kindness, she is the go-to person for support and assistance.
Heather Hultberg Nominated by Sonia Gomez