District Facts

117 Years

In 2022 Prosser graduated its 117th graduating class

2495 Students

We have 2495 Students enrolled K-12 between 5 buildings

164 Teachers

164 Classroom teachers (2019-2020 SY)

15.3 Years

The Average years of Teaching Experience is 15.3 (2019-2020 SY)

staff Spotlight

Nikki Dunkin

Nikki creates a wonderful library environment for our learners every day. She made a STAFF SHOUT OUT to increase positivity and a "Heights Happenings" to keep PSD correspondance updated. We're lucky to have her at Heights!

- Nikki Dunkin

K. Hollaman

Kaylee always comes in with a good attitude, she is super supportive of her students and has excellent communication with her fellow colleagues. She is pure joy to work with.- Jodi Sabin

- Kaylee Holleman


She puts up with many different personalities that she may not like but continues to support staff and students. – Arturo Aguayo

- Lorena Ruiz