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The current levy is set to expire in 2022 and a replacement levy is on the April 26th ballot. Federal and State funds are only a fraction of what PSD needs for basic education for K-12. Local levy dollars make up the remaining funds and help our schools prepare students for future success.

Ballots will be in mailboxes on April 8th.
Don’t forget to mail or drop off your vote by April 26th, 2022.

Levy Expense Breakdown

The 9% made up by the levy represents over $5.3 million each year invested directly into students’ education and well-being. It funds school nurses, athletics, counselors, teachers, security, and more.


The replacement levy is not a new tax

If approved, this levy replaces the one expiring in 2022. The replacement levy will be in effect for two years and will allow us to continue funding essential programs and services for students like athletics, band, advisors, and security.

The levy helps provide staff to support students

The chart below illustrates an example of the gap between what state funding accounts for and what our district needs.


*The term funded is not entirely accurate as the funding equation takes an average salary and applies to the position of certificated or classified regardless of experience, skill, or trade.

The replacement levy funds programs and services students need for their success


Total support if the levy does pass

A levy is comprised of two components: local tax dollars and state match Local Effort Assistance (LEA). When our community passes a levy, the state invests additional funding into our school district through Local Effort Assistance (LEA). This totals $1.5 million dollars each year.

If the levy does not pass, we lose local dollars and state matching funds totaling approximately $10.7 million over the next two years.


PSD Levy Survey results and expenditures not funded by the State of Washington in our Basic Education Allocation (BEA).

Levy FAQs